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At Manifesto, we're platform agnostic. This means we’ll always recommend the right tools, processes and technologies to solve our clients’ problems, rather than make certain softwares fit them. 

One of the tools we use for projects is Umbraco, an open-source .NET content management system (CMS). The software underpins more than 350,000 websites across a whopping 169 different countries.

What we like about Umbraco is the flexibility it brings to our solutions, and the fact it uses technologies we already have lots of experience with. The CMS allows us to deliver a unique and custom editing experience, tailored to our clients needs. And it provides an intuitive, easy-to-use platform for content management.

Our most recent Umbraco project was with Leigh Day, a human rights-focused law firm. We dive into the project in more detail below, but you can take a look at the website here.

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An Umbraco Gold Partner

Manifesto is an Umbraco Gold Partner, meaning our team and its developers are officially Umbraco-certified. We have more than 400 Certification Points, earnt by attending official Umbraco Training Courses. The other key benefit of this partner status is that we, as an agency, have close contact with the core development of the CMS.

In other words, when it comes to all things Umbraco, we know what we’re doing.

“We knew what we wanted to achieve, but needed help executing our vision. Our partner had to set us up for the long-term, rather than for the project’s short timeline. And that’s exactly what Manifesto did. They instilled confidence in us to take over what they had built, really taking the time to share their insights with us.”

Helen Dewar, Head of Information Services & Website Editor at Leigh Day


Discover how Manifesto can deliver your digital experiences with Umbraco

Manifesto is a leading specialist in all aspects of experience and transformation, working with purpose-driven organisations to increase their impact and drive positive change. We understand that transformative strategies rely on exceptional delivery. That’s why our broader and deeper expertise guides organisations through the entire change journey.

We design services, products, and experiences around the needs of users. We also work across strategy and consultancy, campaign and content creation, digital design and build. All whilst specialising in digital transformation, technology, and strategic experience design.

Our expert team can help your organisation implement Umbraco to reinvent your digital presence. The CMS will allow your team to publish content with ease, supporting business goals, and delivering engaging experiences for your users.


Meet the team

Manifesto has assembled a team of experts, who are certified to deliver Umbraco experiences using best practices. They’ve built websites with all sorts of requirements, from multilingual websites, to ecommerce, to custom integrations.


Pete Cooper

Umbraco Team Lead

Pete is an experienced development manager. He’s also a hands on technologist with particular strengths in DevOps and continuous integration. In all, Pete has some 10 years of experience in the industry.


Thomas Morris

.Net Developer

Thomas has spent years developing .NET applications, as well as specialising in Umbraco. As an active member of the Umbraco community, Thomas helps run the local Bristol meetup. He also attends conferences, which helps us at Manifesto stay up to date with everything Umbraco.

Leigh Day Umbraco website

Our Work

Manifesto partnered with Leigh Day, a group of UK-based solicitors which help those discriminated against or deprived of basic human rights. The law firm wanted to overhaul its digital presence.

Manifesto provided it with a completely new website built on Umbraco. We utilised the block editor to provide a modular and flexible approach to content. To fully understand Leigh Day’s needs, Manifesto also performed a full information architecture (IA) review prior to the project start. 

As a result, Leigh Day can now manage its content with ease and its users are able to find the content relevant to them.

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