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About this event


Our 2 hour introduction to the principles of Agile project management methodologies


Breaking everything down into easily digestible chunks, this session provides a quick-start guide to the principles of Agile and the popular Scrum framework. If you want to increase the productivity of your teams and learn how to release more value, more quickly, this session is for you.

Hosting the event will be one of our experienced Agile practitioners. We will look at how Agile project management has grown and developed from its core principles through a series of group activities.

What to expect

This workshop will be hosted through Zoom and Mural by our experienced Agile coaches, covering:



1. What is Agile?

2. Agile principles

3. Scrum Methodology

4. Tools & techniques

5. Kanban

6. Agile toolkit

Who is it for?

This event assumes no prior knowledge of Agile or Scrum. Attendees should have had some exposure to projects and project management. It will be of benefit to those who work in or with Scrum teams, those who are thinking of adopting Agile or Scrum, or want to reflect back on the core principles and solidify learning, as well as people looking to become a Certified ScrumMaster.


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