Deciding Effectively

The best tech, science and business brains on how to make better decisions, faster.

The ability to make good decisions is crucial for any organisation - especially for those funded in the charity sector where financially those decisions are crucial to your cause and continued support.

We need to make sure that effective decision making works not only for today, but sets the sector up for success, and thriving for the future.

Download our free white paper to enable yourself and your team to become better equipped, with the right processes in place, to support your decision making.



A toolbox of approaches

There's no one way to optimise your organisation's decision-making process; what's right for you depends on your people, structure, and stakeholders. That's why we’ve devised a toolbox of approaches aimed at helping you make informed decisions.



Establishing a shared vision

We've split our paper into two parts: decision making, and communicating decision outcomes to your organisation to establish a shared vision.



Building safety and trust

The paper outlines decision making techniques from a range of professional thinkers, as methods to target the challenges facing the charity sector, such as building psychological safety and trust, and fostering vulnerability in leadership.

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