Digital transformation in higher education

How content management technologies and practices are evolving in an era of experience management. 

The forces of digital disruption are radically altering the relationships between higher education institutions and their customers. Students and their families, increasingly empowered by connected devices, social networks and cloud services, are pushing higher education institutions to deliver ever more compelling experiences.

In a report sponsored by Manifesto, Digital Clarity Group (DCG) reveals how institutions of higher education are evolving their content and experience management strategies to meet the changing demands of education customers.

The report addresses the following questions:

• How are institutions leveraging digital content, technologies, and practices to engage and interact with education customers (primarily students and their families)?

• What steps are institutions taking to expand their platforms and practices beyond web publishing to experience management?

• How do they gauge their own progress towards meeting the expectations of the types of students that they want to attract?

• What obstacles prevent them from improving their current content management practices, and from preparing for more engagement and less publishing?

• What can institutions do today to step more firmly onto the path of digital transformation or advance their progress if they have already begun?


Make informed decisions, deliver digital excellence

The report arms leaders in higher education with the information they need to advance their digital competitiveness and provides those responsible for web presence with the insight they need to build experience management capabilities.


  • Learn to innovate faster and deliver more value for your customers and your organisation.

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