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The impact on the not for profit sector


Listening and speaking to lots of organisations, there is a sense that it's not just about survival today, but thriving beyond the horizon and reimagining our future. We believe that through the challenges, opportunities and change we are experiencing now, the sector will show how true organisational change and transformation is possible.


We've set up this page full of resources to help support your organisation.


Covid-19 Impact on Fundraising


Our 45 minute lunch & learn, now available to watch on demand. This session was hosted by Lou Lai, Manifesto's Transformation Director and Phil Aiston, Digital Content Strategist. They cover a summary of what we are seeing as the impact on not-for-profit organisations and their fundraising programmes.


  • How to use the Governments five levels of Coronavirus to structure your response
  • When is the right time to to press the emergency button
  • Digital marketing opportunities

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Our expert team

Lou Lai, Manifesto

Louise Lai

Transformation Director

Louise has over a decade of not-for-profit experience. She leads the Change and Growth team at Manifesto, helping transform organisations; from their culture and organisational design to their technology and digital capabilities to drive sustainable change. Louise has extensive experience working across UK and International fundraising programmes, she has first hand experience overseeing emergency response campaigns for a number of INGO organisations.

Phil Aiston, Manifesto

Phil Aiston

Digital Content Strategist

Phil helps a wide range of our clients with strategies to gain customers and keep them engaged across social, email and paid digital media. His enduring focus is on providing insight-based digital marketing strategies that prove positive Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) beyond a doubt, so that our clients are empowered to continue the great work they do creating positive change in the world.

More resources


Charity Model Canvas

Building a charity that’s fit for a rapidly-changing world begins with aligning the entire organisation around your core purpose. Bringing together senior stakeholders from across the charity to revisit purpose and the key factors which contribute to its fulfilment can reveal valuable insight and point the way to successful strategy. We launched the Charity Model Canvas to help guide you through the process.



Why charities are needed now more than ever

We are all in totally unchartered territory. Not-for-profits are making significant strategic decisions that are largely reliant on gut feelings. On a daily basis, we are bombarded with messages around the current world situation from a macro economic, social, and psychological perspective. But, it is evermore important to distil all this information and bring it down to a micro level of asking a few simple questions


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Remote workshops blog


A guide to running remote workshops

At Manifesto we’ve been working for some time to test and improve our remote working capabilities. In this blog, we’ll share tips about the best tools and planning methods to help you run remote workshops successfully.


  • Top tips for running remote workshops
  • Our chosen tools
  • A free workshop planning canvas


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