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To survive the rapid technological change sweeping through society, organisations must strive for ever-greater levels of innovation. The Agile philosophy is about reducing the time between customer feedback and improvements to products and services, so that change happens more quickly.

Manifesto was built on agile foundations; collaboration central to everything that we do. Members of our leadership team regularly deliver Agile training and have provided long term Agile and Digital Transformation coaching to clients including Vodafone, Barclays, Cancer Research UK and Queen Mary University London.




The Agile Path to Digital Transformation ebook

Learn how to innovate faster, create value quicker and delight customers sooner

The Agile Path to Digital Transformation is an accessible new introduction to Agile methodologies and strategies, which lays out:

the principles which underpin Agile methods;

the benefits of Agile in comparison to traditional methods;

key concepts in Agile product development;

Agile tools and resources that can be used in any size or type of organisation


Learn to innovate faster and deliver more value for your customers and your organisation

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