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About this event


Last year we shared how the digital industry has a global emissions footprint on par with the aviation industry (and that's pre-pandemic). Our speakers talked about how the exponential increase in our digital consumption, and reliance on technology means this footprint is in danger of increasing significantly.

This year we will be talking about the great (and not so great) things that have happened since London Climate Action Week 2020. We've brought together seven experts working in this space every day (perhaps a couple of familiar faces in there!) to share their learnings, tools, and guidance. Providing ways that we can create a new industry standard that will positively impact our environment.



The Slack community is a space for social learning, support, and community. There you can get started on, or ramp up your climate+tech knowledge by connecting with people, organisations, & resources.


Featured in Sandra Pallier's presentation, in this paper Donella Meadows talks about high impact places to intervene in a system.


Featured in the event, A Digital Carbon Footprint, from Mohan Gandhi, Head of Research at the SDIA. A presentation to explain the SDIA roadmap to sustainable digital infrastructure by 2030.

Meet the speakers


Neil Clark

Environmental Lead, The Panoply

Neil Clark is the service design lead at Manifesto and environment strategist at The Panoply. He is unashamedly passionate about helping to save the planet and everything that calls it home. He’s also chair of the digital carbon footprint steering committee at the Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance, a member of the BIMA Sustainability Council, and has organised London Climate Action Week’s only (until organising this second one!) event about digital sustainability. You can read some of Neil’s musings on services and the environment at the Manifesto blog.

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Sandra Pallier

Sandra Pallier

Co-organiser of

Sandra Pallier (she/her) is a co-organiser of — a global community of over 4.000 tech workers — and works as a designer at Microsoft in London. She’s driving initiatives like #11at11ClimateStrike at work, is talking about climate in almost every meeting she has, and is motivated by local and global communities coming together to find solutions for a better future.

Watch this segment at: 52:14


Paul Johnston

CTO, Director, and Researcher

Paul has many roles, as a CTO, consulting with organisations who need strategic IT direction. As a thorn in AWS's side having worked for Amazon and seen first hand how they're tackling the environmental impact of their digital footprint. As the Director of community energy cooperative. And as a researcher into the role of businesses in the climate emergency.


Tom Greenwood

Co-founder and MD, Wholegrain Digital

Wholegrain Digital were founded on the basis of making the internet better for people and the planet. A self confessed hypocritical environmentalist, Tom is obsessed with natural health and sustainable living.

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Mohan Gandhi

Head of Research & Policy, SDIA

The SDIA (Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance) bring together companies from the energy, technology, manufacturing, agency and digital industries to collaborate, educate and research the next generation of digital infrastructure. 

Watch this segment at: 32:47

Amy Williams headshot

Amy Williams

Founder, Good-Loop

Amy founded Good-Loop in 2016 after turning her hand from advertising at Ogilvy to volunteering at a soup-kitchen in Argentina. Today working with the likes of Unilever, Coca-Cola and H&M, Good-Loop is The purpose-powered advertising platform that drives engagement and builds brand love whilst donating millions to amazing causes around the world. 

Amy is one of Forbes Europe’s 30 under 30, she’s one of Ad Age’s 2020 Women to Watch Europe and is a face of the United Nations #SheInnovates global campaign.

Watch this segment at: 1:21:35

Daniel Schien

Daniel Schien

Senior Lecturer at University of Bristol

Use your About page to help your visitors learn more about you. We all know that people do business with people, not companies. So tell them a little bit more about yourself as a person. Include profiles of your management team. Upload images so that folks will recognize you at conferences and events. Hey. It's not exactly rocket science. But it works.

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