Digital estates within Higher Education

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A discussion of shared challenges faced by the Higher Education sector relating to digital presence, along with real world solutions.


There is no well-trodden road on the path to digital transformation amongst HE institutions. These varied approaches are why we, at Manifesto, decided to conduct in-depth interviews with digital leaders across the HE sector culminating in this free whitepaper.

Focussing on digital presence, shared challenges in the industry, and how technology has been imperative to support their transformation, this whitepaper provides insights and valuable lessons to learn from.


  • How do you choose from in-house staff and third-party support?
  • How to decide between a bespoke CMS solution or an off-the-shelf one?
  • The importance of governance when dealing with multiple parties
  • How do you gain consensus and approval when university departments operate independently?
  • Covid and the 'new normal'
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We spoke to:

Alan Brown, Professor in Digital Economy, University of Exeter Business School

Andrew Millar, Head of Web Services, University of Dundee

Claire Gibbons, Freelancer and Digital Gov, Leeds Trinity University

Rob Fowles, Head of Digital Channel Management, University of Birmingham

Steve Thompson, Head of Digital, University of Sheffield

"For remote working to be an effective solution within any organisation, it needs two things to support it - the technology and the culture."

Hugh James

Hugh James

Business Director, Manifesto

"The world is a different place to the one we knew when this whitepaper was first conceived. What’s truly exciting is how the community can build from the successes of the forced digital adoption of 2020 and use this to propel the sector significantly forward.

The opportunity is there for the Higher Education community to tackle this digital landscape together and identify solutions, new working approaches, innovative services and processes that will create positive change with lasting effects far into the future.

It is our responsibility as suppliers to support this, share our experiences of what’s working well elsewhere and identify opportunities for collaboration that will drive this change forward."

In collaboration with Acquia, Manifesto's chosen Drupal platform partner.
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Steve Wiliamson

GM&SVP Acquia , EMEA

"With Drupal at the core of Acquia's Digital Experience Platform, engaging with your prospective students in a personalised and targeted way has never been easier. Acquia in collaboration with expert focus partners such as Manifesto are helping universities like The University of Dundee manage their website to increase engagement with both domestic and international students alike, helping ensure a strong demand for their programmes and driving new students from across the globe to enroll."

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