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The Future Charity Report 



We hope that to anyone who downloads this paper, you find it useful, and that in a small way, it helps you create impact and own your future.

"Re-reading this report, I was struck by the number and scale of the challenges facing charities, but as an optimist I took away a sense of excitement and possibility about the opportunities ahead."

"The time we’ve taken tells us several things, one is that we’ve been busy working with numerous organisations, helping them transform, which makes it hard to work on your own projects. It tells us that partnerships are hard – just making our schedules line up with each other’s has been tough. But overall, it has shown us that there are many amazing, talented people in the charity sector who have a strong idea of what they need to do." 

"The change needed across the sector is bigger than any of us. However, we’ve taken the first step in demonstrating how collaboration and sharing can achieve results. If we each apply the principles in this report to ourselves as individuals and leaders, we’ll stop being part of the problem and start the journey into a more positive future."