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We are experience first

Manifesto can help you plan, deliver and measure compelling video, interactive and immersive content that engages your audiences and drives action.

As a leading experience agency, we’ve helped clients and their marketing teams reimagine what content means for their organisation and its audiences, and we can do the same for yours. We work at the intersection of storytelling and knowledge sharing to create beautifully engaging, strategically delivered content that educates, inspires and helps drive positive change.


Optimising and delivering ROI on your content efforts

Our strategic, audience-centred approach to content creation and delivery means we can support your team with the tools to improve the effectiveness of content – whether through training your teams, providing you with content dashboards, or running content experiments for your audiences. Our deep agile heritage makes us ideal partners to help you build agile thinking into your content planning.


Helping your acquire new audiences, and engage existing ones

Our motion content approach is formed around understanding the actions you want your audiences to take, and the outcomes they deliver, right across their customer or supporter journeys.

Understanding what success looks like from the off, we can deliver measurable results in the right place, at the right time – with the right message – through supporting social and digital marketing activities.


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An in-house team supported by our digital specialists

The motion team at Manifesto is a creative community of animators, directors and videographers who work with the experience studio and our wider team of creative technologists and strategists to unlock the power of storytelling. By building out a clear understanding of your audiences, and aligning them with your own objectives – we then execute right through the middle.

Maria Padro

Maria Padro

Senior Video Editor and Animator

Maria has a long running and ever increasing passion for video art and using motion content and animation to communicate stories of people, places and things. Maria works across a full range of motion content projects, mainly animation and motion graphics but also filming and video editing. Maria has worked on projects for The Ramblers association, The Royal College of Nursing, ResMed and award winning projects for Unicef UK.

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Learn more about our strategic content services at Manifesto through some of the award-winning work we’ve delivered for our clients.


Inspiring new supporters with personalised experiences

The game, featuring Santa and making use of personalised video, culminated in sending a virtual gift to a child in danger in another part of the world, educating the child about Unicef’s vital work in emergencies.

Authentic video content smashing sales targets

ResMed’s web traffic increased to over three times the normal amount during the campaign. Sales were also said to be performing at twice the expected rate, with a month’s worth of forecast sales in two weeks.

Paid social powered by engaging animation

We used inspiring outdoor imagery, in combination with video testimony from path users, to drive action, and original, animated motion content and visual assets to help support the wider campaign across channels.

Parkinsons UK logo


Driving action with personalised video messages

We helped Parkinson's UK use personalised video and social media to inspire over 500k supporter actions during Parkinson's Awareness Week.

We Won’t Wait empowered over 500 people living with Parkinson’s to share their stories via personalised video messages, prompting conversations about symptoms and treatments on social media which involved hundreds of people and helped inform a much wider audience about less-well-known aspects of the condition.