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Conversational applications are built using a set of emerging technologies. These include both conversational AI and/or UX principles, which can engineer human-like conversations between people and computers. These conversations can take the form of chatbots, voicebots, virtual agents or smart speaker-enabled digital assistants.

If your organisation is yet to explore the full potential of such technology, now is the time to assess what it could do for you and your employees. It’s clear that those who have invested in it are already reaping the benefits. In 2020, between February and April alone, IBM noted a 40% rise in traffic through its Watson Assistant. The advent of digitalisation, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, means reviewing virtual, technology-based alternatives now is vital.

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Create Smarter Conversational Applications

A sophisticated experience that works

Design content-rich, multi-turn conversations, deployed with a smart conversation engine, through a no-code platform.

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A custom webchat to report cyber attacks

Manifesto created a custom webchat client which allows users to enter information as long-form text, describing a cyber attack issue they are facing. By using dedicated reasoning and knowledge graphs of cyber attacks, the most likely issue is then identified.


  • Significantly increased capacity for the charity’s employees.
  • Automated service recommended by UK police departments for victims of cyber crime.
  • Bot nominated for Innovation in Conversational AI at the 2019 CogX Awards.
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A university clearing bot to assist users with eligibility

Manifesto created an easily accessible and simple-to-use clearing bot for Brunel University. It decreased the demand on call staff to determine eligibility, and provided quick access to criteria for prospective students.


  • Clearing day load significantly reduced by prospective students self-serving their needs.
  • Brunel University adopted a platform and process for developing chatbots which can now be applied across their entire digital estate.
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Simplifying the auditing process with conversational AI

Blending service design thinking with Applied AI, our team delivered a new, intelligent end-to-end process. It makes auditing quicker, smarter, and less complex than the models which existed prior to its creation.


  • Supports French, German, and English by using Microsoft LUIS to identify intent and entity.
  • Improved customer experience.
  • Audit processing time has decreased thanks to AI classification and recommendation.

“I approached the team with a complex problem. I needed a chatbot which could navigate the complex world of cyber-crime so we could help victims contain threats. The creativity and expertise they applied to the project helped us build a unique capability.”

Rory Innes, CEO, The Cyber Helpline

Our conversational AI services




Opportunity mapping through to business case development with strategy workshops.

Our experts can help you identify how conversational solutions can help your business.

We can also help you model the benefits to existing products and services.



UX & Design

Key to our process is understanding your user needs so that we can design services that thrive.

We set your virtual agent up for success with our proven conversational UX methodology. It builds valuable, desirable and efficient conversations.

This process includes workshops covering UX & Design, Brand & Content, and Voice Interfaces with your team.




We have a deep understanding of the technological landscape and solution design. Which means we can assist you in selecting the right stack for your use case.

We can either offer you full implementation and management services, or enable your team to deliver the solutions themselves.

We provide a technology strategy and roadmap to support you on this journey.

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Optimise & Scale

Optimisation, both technical and experience-driven, is key to growing an efficient virtual agent.

We will run conversion and scale workshops to iterate and build upon experiences.

We provide ongoing support and monitoring for live services. As well as ongoing training to internal teams looking to deliver chatbots and virtual agents.

Expert Engineering



Improve customer service & experience

Many modern consumers prefer to use digital tools to self-manage. Whether a simple or complex task, we can build intelligent, on brand chat systems which can hand over to a human agent if needed.

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Reduce costs through automation

Chat tools and AI automation can reduce the weight on your service team, allowing them to focus on real problems. This, in turn, improves customer experience and saves on operating costs for reinvestment.

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Tech agnostic consultancy

We provide consultancy and build services for the major conversational platforms, including Google Dialogflow, Microsoft Azure/LUIS, Amazon Connect, IBM Watson, Rasa and OpenDialog.


Strategy and Conversational UX

Build valuable, desirable and efficient virtual agents

We offer an expert approach that you can leverage or learn, to apply to new or existing conversational AI projects.

It incorporates deep knowledge of the leading conversational AI platforms, and it’s driven by academic research in the fields of linguistics and human computer interaction.

Our approach provides you with high-impact workshop packages, followed with evolutionary monitoring and improvements.

Get in touch with our team to learn more about conversational AI and the ways in which it can support your organisation.


Antoine de La Gardette

Head of Conversational AI

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Meet our expert team


Antoine de La Gardette

Head of Conversational AI

Antoine leads our conversational AI services with 15 years of experience in strategy and product management. He’s served previous roles at organisations ranging from Vodafone and BT, to fast-moving start-ups.

He has worked across a diverse range of business-to-customer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) products. These include Contact Centre AI, mobile apps and Alexa integrations. He’s worked with clients to create detailed product strategies, supporting vision, roadmap and delivery.

Antoine carries extensive experience in helping clients assess the commercial potential of new technologies too. As well as how these solutions can be efficiently translated into demonstrable customer benefits.

John Ennew

John Ennew

Products and AI Director

John is a software engineer who carries 20 years industry experience. He is now a Chartered Engineer, Chartered IT Professional, and Chartered Manager, currently serving as Manifesto’s Products and AI Director.

He has spent the last ten years in technical leadership roles. He’s built and managed high-performing software engineering teams, rapidly delivering online software solutions across a number of different industry sectors.

Member of the IET and committee member of the Kent branch, John is an enthusiastic advocate of continuing professional development.


Dr. Ronald Ashri

Chief Science Officer

Ronald is the CEO of OpenDialog and a Senior AI Consultant at Manifesto.With a PhD in Computer Science from Southampton University, Ronald has a deep specialism in multi-agent systems, with a particular focus on conversational applications.

For the past 15 years, he has worked on commercial implementation projects with clients such as BT Labs, Stanford University, the NHS, Italian government, TripAdvisor, the Imperial War Museum and Indiana University Libraries.

He’s the Lead Architect of OpenDialog, an enterprise conversational AI framework. His most recent book is called The AI Powered Workplace.

Maaike headshot

Maaike Coppens

Head of Conversational UX

Maaike is a Senior Consultant at Manifesto, as well as the Head of Conversational UX at OpenDialog.

She is an internationally respected conversational design expert, speaker and author. She has more than a decade of experience in user experience design for start-ups, as well as major brands such as AccorHotels, and Groupe SEB.

Maaike has particular expertise in consumer and voice. And she has consulted on platforms too, including Amazon Alexa and Google Dialogflow.

With a background in linguistics, she leads our voice and conversation design services. They are offered in English, French, Dutch and German. Maaike is also the co-author of the Voice UX Workbook.

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