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Quickly build and deliver personalised digital experiences across multiple channels with the Bloomreach Experience (formerly Hippo CMS) platform and our experienced team of content management experts.

Hippo CMS is now part of the Bloomreach digital experience platform, providing a headless CMS which can serve content from multiple repositories to deliver personalised multi-channel experiences. As London Bloomreach partners, our expert technologists can help you tailor this fast, flexible, Java-based CMS to delight your customers and improve the efficiency of your workflows.


Our Bloomreach team

As a company, we're platform agnostic and will always recommend the tools, processes and technologies that will best solve the problems of our clients and speed them towards accomplishing their organisational goals. That said, we recognise that Bloomreach Experience Manager (brXM) is a fast, open and flexible Java-based CMS that not only allows for the creation of high-quality, personalised digital experiences, but also lots of flexibility (via decoupled content delivery) and a high development velocity because it supports Agile ways of working (our favourite). Our vastly experienced team of content management experts, Java developers and front-end maestros are therefore pretty gung-ho for it.

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Experts in content management

Our team has unrivalled expertise in delivering enterprise content management projects and a long history of delighting customers with great digital experiences focused around the user. We understand how to deliver seamless multi-channel experiences using decoupled content infrastructures.


Specialists in innovative integrations

We’re pioneers when it comes to integrating technologies and platforms to deliver robust, flexible, scalable solutions to a host of content management challenges. We can help you integrate Bloomreach Experience with leading CRM, DAM, ECM, Marketing Automation and eCommerce systems for greater insight and personalisation.

Focused on delivering value

Our software development methodologies revolve around the needs of your users and your business, ensuring that we help you improve experiences for both customers and internal stakeholders. Agile ways of working help us collaborate with you as a responsive, dynamic extension of your team.

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